Sam McKnight is one of the most accomplished and well-respected hair stylists of his generation. His name is synonymous with modern, sexy hair - whether it's in magazines, on the runway or the red carpet.

He's won countless awards but perhaps the biggest accolade is the longstanding creative collaborations he has maintained with some of the best names in the business - Patrick Demarchelier, Nick Knight and Mario Testino; Karl Lagerfeld/Chanel, Vivenne Westwood, Balmain and Fendi to name just a few.

In the fleeting world of fashin imagery Sam's permanence is fixed in some of the most iconic images in modern history - Princess Diana's short, slicked back style, Agyness Deyn's bleached blonde crop, Madonna's Bedtime Stories cover, Cate Blanchett getting her Oscar, Tilda Swinton channelling Bowie, both Lady Gaga and her male alter-ego Jo Calderone plus countless covers and editorial stories of Kate Moss and all the supermodels.

The longevity of Sam's carrer career - over 30 years - provides a fantastic back-catalogue of references to bring to his work and it is this and his search for the new that keeps him so in demand.

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    Apply a strong hold mousse or texturising spray to the hair and blow-dry using a round bristle brush.

    Use a tailcomb to make a strong and graphic center-parting in the hair.

    Divide the hair at the back of the head into three equal panels.


    Take the left-hand section of hair and wrap around the back of the neck over the center section.

    Take the right hand section of hair and fold across the other two sections, pulling the hair tight to the neck at the nape. The hair should cross below the hairline.

    Move the elastic into the center of the crossed sections of hair.

    Tie the elastic so that all three sections are gathered into one ponytail.

    Starting at the bottom of the ponytail wrap the hair up in an outwards direction, rolling the hair up to meet the elastic.

    Secure the roll with strong grips pushed into the inside of the rolled hair.

    Tip the rolled hair over in a clockwise direction and secure the hair into the ponytail using strong grips and pins.

    Push fine pins through the hair and into the ponytail.

    Finish with a pearl placed where everyone can see (Chanel logo preferable!)

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